THE CHOSEN - The Mossad in Iran

The Chosen – The Mossad in Iran March, 2015. Whisked off in the middle of the night by a chopper taking him to a secure underground command center in Tel Aviv, Israeli Prime Minister Dov Dvir is brought up to speed on the greatest crisis ever faced by Israel. An email message sent by a Mossad agent, who has access to the highest echelons of the Iranian regime, warns that an Iranian nuclear strike against Israel will take place within forty eight hours, as a direct result of a coup by elite Iranian military units. When the Ayatollahs –fortified in a bunker in the holy city of Qom – realize that all is lost, they will launch their nuclear warheads at Israel. Meanwhile, Sharon Parker, America’s first female President, faces the ultimate foreign policy acid test, as she strives to carve an historic impression as the leader of the free world while determining the United States’ best course of action in a crisis unequaled in magnitude to any since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Israeli leadership faces hard questions: should they launch a counter-strike against Iran based solely on the word of a solitary agent they’d recruited years before? Will the United States stand with Israel in taking action? Can the Iranian missile launch be stopped? Is it possible to shoot down the Iranian missiles once they’ve been launched? Should the Israeli public be alerted of the imminent danger at the risk of causing mass hysteria? The central characters are thrust, practically against their will, into the brewing crisis: Arnon, a former commander of an elite Israeli commando unit, who left the military after three of his men were killed in a training exercise; Kramer, the man who recruited the Iranian agent for Israel and later quit the Mossad out of sheer frustration, is now, years later, called back in for duty; Morteza, an Iranian student recruited by the Israeli Mossad years earlier, is now in charge of the computer systems for the Iranian nuclear program; Hagar, a carefree young woman, who falls in love with a nameless recluse camping in seclusion on a desert cliff top near the Dead Sea; Shai, the leader of an Israeli commando unit, who is sent on a nearly hopeless mission deep in the heart of Iran –as the clock ticks down to zero. DIDN'T FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR, THEN PLEASE VISIT MY HOME PAGE AND USE THE AMAZON SEARCH WIDGET AT BOTTOM OF PAGE. THANKS FOR SHOPPING AT AMAZON AND A SPECIAL THANKS FOR VISITING MY LITTLE SITE.

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