Don"t abolish free speech. Oppose special treatment for Islam

In this third book in "The Islamorealist Series" the authors fully explain just how close we are to losing the Freedom of Speech which was guaranteed to USA citizens in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Working with the United Nations and the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (2nd largest voting bloc in the UN), Barack Hussein Obama and his administration have secretly signed-on to UN Resolution 16/18, criminalizing criticism of Islam. In Islamic countries, blasphemy laws allow for the beheading, or other form of death, of anyone who criticizes or ridicules Islam, the Qur'an, or Mohammed. Thousands of people have been slaughtered under these laws. Now there is a concerted effort to make blasphemy laws apply to U.S. citizens. Just in case you think it can't happen in the USA, you need to know that 60% of Muslims LIVING IN AMERICA agree that criticism of Islam should be criminalized. There is a worldwide movement to abolish our freedoms as U.S. citizens and you need to know everything you can about what is happening. In "Don't Abolish Free Speech" you can learn about: • Threats to the First Amendment of the Constitution • The United Nations and the OIC – Who? What? Where? And Why? • Sharia (Islamic) Law versus the Constitution • The Qur’an, taquiyya, kitman, abrogation and a bunch of other Islamic words and ideas • Blasphemy and Anti-blasphemy • The “Best of Men” and the “Worst of Creatures” • “An eye for an eye” and “turning the other cheek” • Important Islamic Quotes That Every American Should Know • Islamic Global Goals • What You Can Do To Protect Your Rights • And Much More… Find out what you need to know to protect your freedoms and the freedoms of those you love. Get Your Copy TODAY! P.S. The book also includes a link to a FREE REPORT about the things you should know about Islam. DIDN'T FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR, THEN PLEASE VISIT MY HOME PAGE AND USE THE AMAZON SEARCH WIDGET AT BOTTOM OF PAGE. THANKS FOR SHOPPING AT AMAZON AND A SPECIAL THANKS FOR VISITING MY LITTLE SITE.

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