Government in your Panties

A rift has opened between Washington policy and Middle American will. This ever-deepening divide animates the most polarized political culture America has seen in more than a century: It permeates bitter partisan clashes, creates contemporary congressional gridlock, and determines the outcome of national elections. It has also resulted in a disruptive, leaderless, passionate, Party-independent, anti-Washington, grass-roots coalition—the Tea Party Movement. This political rift and the resulting Tea Movement baffle establishment thinkers, Republican and Democrat Party leadership, and Tea Partiers alike. Tea With Socialists explains today’s political divide and the rise of the Tea Movement as follows: While Washington has adopted socialism, Middle America has not. American socialism dug the chasm separating Washington and Middle America, and thereby unwittingly laid the foundation for the rise, fervor, and agenda of the Tea Movement. In Tea With Socialists author Blaine Brown explores today’s political divide by detailing socialist method—namely, American socialist technique for pursuing socialist revolution in spite of an unwilling Middle American majority. Tea With Socialists exposes socialism’s stepwise procedure for establishing socialism in America, including how American socialists: create new and unelected branches of government to pursue socialism without fear of electoral reprisals; control Middle American language (and therefore also Middle American thought); eradicate Middle America through both legal and illegal Third-World immigration; assemble in Middle America’s place a foreign underclass which demands socialism in America; distract Middle Americans from national decline by means of bread and circuses; search millions of innocent Americans’ genitals in violation of the Fourth Amendment; reinterpret the Constitution without amendment; bully the Supreme Court into approving socialist programs like Obamacare; and commandeer career politicians once they are seated in Washington, D.C. Tea With Socialists explains why American socialism settled on a quiet, gradual revolution in the first place, why Middle Americans reject socialist method, how Middle Americans are beginning to fight back—and what it means for America. DIDN'T FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR, THEN PLEASE VISIT MY HOME PAGE AND USE THE AMAZON SEARCH WIDGET.  THANKS FOR SHOPPING AT AMAZON AND A SPECIAL THANKS FOR VISITING MY LITTLE SITE.

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