Toe the Party Line

At the upcoming Democratic National Convention almost 1/3 of the votes needed to secure the nomination and be the party's standard bearer in general election this fall with be the so-called super delegates.   The total number of delegates at the DNC convention will be 4763 with some 2382 needed to secure the nomination.  Of the 4763 some 712 will be super delegates--in other words, the party bosses.  The Democrat bosses will tolerate the voices of the voters at the ballot box, just as long as those voices dare not go against the Party Line.  Democrats are expected to march in lock-step and should they attempt to stray, the super delegates are there to insure that voter ignorance does not deflect the Party from it's ultimate goal.  A goal of total control of your way of life!   
And for you liberal trolls the word "Toe" in the title is not misspelled---look at the image.

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