Free Speech under attack by Left

The left is determined to stifle Free Speech.  Or should I say speech that doesn't conform with what they think it should be.  We have seen this again and again on the nation's university campuses.  Campuses where conservative voices were either shouted down or speakers simply denied the right to appear.  It certainly seems that the American Progressive Movement has taken a page from Hitler's and Mussolini's in an attempt to destroy the opposition.  Just recently we have seen the little young socialist of Bernie Sanders try to flood the rallies of Trump, not just to protest, but to shut them down.  These spoiled brats have moved from the campus to the streets of America to spread their alien ideology.  A ideology that in no way conforms to American democracy.  Bernie Sanders calls himself a democratic socialist.  The truth is that democracy and socialism cannot co-exist.  Socialism is like the rotten apple in the barrel and unless removed---well you know what happens.   

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Sandee said...

Yep, that's the thing about liberals and progressives. It's their way or they throw a fit. Two faced hypocrites.

Also, I remember years ago seeing so much racial hatred in a big city. What city? San Francisco. I was amazed.

Have a fabulous day. ☺