Democrats bring Scumbag Rally Disrupters to Chicago

Liberal Democrat groups "Black Lives Matter" and "Move on" encouraged thousands of Disrupters to prevent conservative Trump followers from hearing his message at a recent Chicago Rally.  These were not simply peaceful protesters exercising their 1st Amendment right, but disrupters intent on preventing others from speaking.  We have seen this across the nation of dozens of university campuses where conservative speakers were shouted down or simply denied the right to free speech by school administrators. Although Donald Trump was denied his right to speak and the disrupters claimed a victory.  They did in fact, give the New York businessman a much broader audience to deliver the message they hate.  I suppose the lesson to learn here is that men like Trump like to build while those on the opposing side like to tear down. 

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Sandee said...

Yep, the left will do every dirty trick they can to discredit what they fear.

Have a fabulous day. ☺