Oscar A-Listers will protest gun rights while hiding behind armed security guards

I never watch the Oscars anymore.  Haven't for years!  The Oscars have gone from an entertainment show to little more than a political rally for left-wing causes.  Tonight they will be protesting against gun rights while dozens of heavily armed security guards protect them.  And you know that most of these A-Listers have private security guards that accompany them almost anywhere they go and guard their mansions against unwanted intruders.  While at the same time seeking to have your right to protect yourself and home from those who would seek to injure you and family.  Guess they think their asses are more important than yours.

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Sandee said...

These people are like those running our government. There are rules for us, but they are exempt. I won't give them any of my money anymore. Haven't for years.

Have a fabulous day. ☺