Is Bernie Sanders the Reincarnation of Karl Marx or his Great, Great, Great Grandson

With the rise of  Bernie Sanders on the American political scene, many are wanting to know more about this admitted Socialist from Vermont.  Genealogical researchers in the Polish city of Slopnice, Poland birth place of Bernie's Jewish father have found family links to Jews living in Trier, Prussia (modern day Germany).  Trier was the birth place of of Karl Marx (son of Jewish Parents), the father of communism.  It was Marx who believed that Socialism would be replaced by a stateless, classless society call Communism. In short, socialism was little more than a stepping stone to a pure communist state.  While some are pointing out this "communist in the woodpile" theory about the ancestors of Bernie Sanders others are maintaining that Sanders in a reincarnation of Marx.  Even Hillary Clinton has jumped in uttering her most infamous phrase, "what difference does it make".  I must admit, the architect of the Benghazi attack, for once, has it right.

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Sandee said...

There just isn't anyone running for president that's worth a hoot.

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