Wildfires: Terraforming of California by illegals from south of the border

After days of blaming the California wildfires, that have killed 41 people, on climate change the media has suddenly grown silent on this issue.  Could it just be because ICE Detainer Issued for Suspected Wine Country Arsonist in Sonoma Jail. Evidently the arson suspect Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, is an illegal alien who was living under a bridge and had to build a fire to warm himself (it was 78 degrees outside) from the extreme cold of gringo country.  But perhaps we should give Jesus a break---after all he may have been just doing his small part in Terraforming California to match the climate of his native Mexico.  I'm quite sure he would like to see Guava Plants replace grapes in Napa Valley, after all, cantina's serve cerveza and tequila not wine!  It seems reasonable, that the alien population of the soon to be former state of California will hail Jesus Gonzalez as a hero and demand his likeness be placed on the pedestal formerly occupied by Christopher Columbus.  We are waiting to see if the sanctuary state of California will honor the ICE detainer!
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Kismet said...

Why wait? Kick Kowlifurnia and DC (Den of Corruption) out of the union.