Astute CNN Analyst claimed Manchester Terror Attack a False Flag Right Wing conspiracy

Following the Manchester bombing, well before the smoke had cleared astute CNN analysis, Paul Cruickshank, on the Anderson Cooper show speculated that the bombing was very possibly the work of some vast right wing conspiracy. Although the events of that evening at the Manchester Concert are still fresh in our minds, we must realize that Mr. Cruickshank's off-the-cuff analysis of the events was many years in the making.  Perhaps it began during his years at Cambridge University, and continued thru his days at SAIS John Hopkins and then culminated  at NYU's prestigious School of Law. 
Whatever the case, we simply-minded trigger happy right wing kooks must accept the reality that men with Mr. Cruickshank's credentials have enabled him to develop opinions that are far superior to the man-in-the-streets's.  We must listen, we must follow.  For those few like Paul Cruickshank are the crowning achievement of our great Indoctrination Diploma mills.  They are the men and women who will lead the nation to greatness despite the resistance of the reactionary mobs.  But they will retreat to the rear when the first bullet flies in defense of liberty.  And wag a condemning finger at those who would take up arms and defend their very right to spew their twisted ideology.   


Sandee said...

Much of the media is a joke and this guy is dancing right along with the rest of the idiots out there.

Have a fabulous day, Ron. ☺

Kismet said...

Sandee, you forgot to mention that he's dancing with two left feet.