Government grant funds Beetle Research at Harvard

After months of research by a select group of esteemed Etymologist working on a government grant of some $3 million dollars at Harvard University.  The chairman, announced, that the term Rhinoceros Beetle did in fact, originate from it's striking rhino-like appendage.  It should be noted that this amazing research came in under budget with only  $2,999,999.99 of tax-payer dollars spent getting to the bottom of what had been a perplexing mystery. 

While on the same day a well endowed blonde researcher made a startling discovery about another beetle. She examined it and decided to do an experiment. She pulled off one of its legs, then asked it to run. The beetle obeyed her command. Then, she pulled off a second leg and asked it to run. It did, but with a lot of difficulty. Finally, she pulled the remaining legs off and asked it to run. It couldn't. "I have made a new discovery!" the blonde cried. "When you pull all of a beetle's legs off, it becomes deaf!!"

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