Great Chinese Invention

Who Invented Toilet Paper? According to one source the Chinese invented Toilet Paper on this day in history August 26, in the year 580 AD.  Today it’s difficult to imagine life without toilet paper. The evolution of toilet paper is an interesting story and the toilet paper has an amazing past. If we could travel back in time, what would we found about the first use of toilet paper? Who invented toilet paper? Who was using paper for personal hygiene? Who invented modern toilet paper roll?
Nobody is too sure when toilet paper was first used. Before the invention of toilet paper, people from different parts of the world had many different ideas for personal hygiene. Some people used stones or sponges (especially rich Romans), but a variety of other things were used also.White Toilet Paper Roll The first “official” toilet paper was introduced in China in 1391, 
but the first mention of toilet paper (paper for personal hygiene) dates back to the year 589 AD in Korea. Between 875 and 1317 AD, paper was produced in large sheets (2-foot x 3-foot sheets and even perfumed) for Chinese emperor’s family hygiene. In the Colonial America, the common means was corncobs.  Damn that had to be rough!!!

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