The real reason Obama opposes the Keystone Pipeline

What is the real underlying reason for President Obama's continuing opposition to the Keystone Pipeline?  Many had thought that it was due to environmental concerns, but the truth has finally been revealed.  The pipeline was to pass near Keystone, South Dakota near Mount Rushmore.  So why should that affect his decision you may ask.  It now appears that the National Park Service has been making plans for a grand project for which funds has already been make available (actually stolen from the money set aside for the "" website).  Damn, that explains a lot!  At any rate, the Pipeline would distract from the new image to be placed on Rushmore and additionally would interfere with the planned construction of a new interstate highway being build to handle all the additional traffic caused by those wishing to see "The One's" image on the Mount.

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I've got my spray paint ready.