The Tea Party Patriot

He was an airline pilot, not a politician. They wouldn’t leave him alone. He wanted a piece of the American dream. They wanted to control every aspect of his life. He spoke out against them. They put him in prison. - - - In a story born of a nightmare, The Tea Party Patriot chronicles the rise and fall of the Tea Party movement through the eyes of its leader, Jerry the Pilot. Rooted in political turmoil, it paints a picture of real tyranny—of an Orwellian hopelessness—and contrasts it with a deep love of family and country. - - - Awakened one day in an American Gulag, Jerry finds himself fighting the despair of solitary confinement and systematic starvation, as well as a loss of memory that torments him with more questions than answers. How did he end up in jail? What should he make of the mysterious star-shaped scar in the center of his chest? As his memories gradually return, Jerry reaffirms his political convictions, but also struggles with the realization that he may have contributed to the ultimate failure of the Tea Party movement. Finally able to recall the high water mark of his movement’s political power—what he’d come to realize was the very last tea party—Jerry questions his worthiness to have led such a multitude, or for that matter, to even get to see his wife and children one more time. - - - Disabled and hungry, his wife Jenny becomes entirely dependent on the totalitarian government that she’d protested only a few months before. Clinging only to her faith and the hope of a reunion with Jerry, Jenny struggles to justify acts of crime and desperation that she’s forced to take, in order to care for her two sons and ailing grandfather. - - - Draw the shade tight, grab a flashlight and blanket, and prepare for a sleepless night with The Tea Party Patriot. Remember to breathe as you turn each page, and hope with each new chapter that Jerry and Jenny can experience some personal victories despite such overwhelming circumstances. - - - A political thriller. 91,000 words. - - - Available in paperback and Amazon Kindle. DIDN'T FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR, THEN PLEASE VISIT MY HOME PAGE AND USE THE AMAZON SEARCH WIDGET.  THANKS FOR SHOPPING AT AMAZON AND A SPECIAL THANKS FOR VISITING MY LITTLE SITE.

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