Robert De Nero repeatly shouts "F*** Trump" to cheers of Tinsel Town Zombies

Well here we go again.  Hollywood icon Robert De Nero brings raging crowd of Tinsel Town zombies to their feet at Tony Awards by shouting "F*** Trump, F*** Trump" over and over!  The gathered Hollywood elites sounded more like an old west lynch mob with their leader "Raging Bull" leading the way not  to the local jail, but to the White House.  Seems that little has changed in Hollywood since the 1950's when thousands of actors flocked to the Screen Actors Guild and shouted their support for the murderers in Moscow and the then growing 'Red' movement among elites in the west.  Of course this same crowd no longer endorses the socialist commie government of Russia because at the moment they feel that 'The Donald' is in bed with Putin.  However, you can bet on one thing, just as soon as Trump leaves office the Communist in Russia will again become their friend.  Just the way things are      aaa


Sandee said...

He's doing more for our side than he knows. Let him keep up the great work.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Kismet said...

Such cleass.