The Confessions of a young Fidel Castro supporter

This week as many on the left mourn the passing of Fidel Castro, the memories of the Revolution flood my mind.  I was a young man in 1957, a recent high school graduate and by the standards of that period a true progressive.  Even in those days, just as now, I was a news junkie and watched one of the only three networks each evening.  They were 15 minutes in length in those days.  Of course, the airways were filled with the news of the Cuban Revolution and Castro's effort to overthrown the hated Cuban dictator, Fulgencio Batista.  Castro was viewed by the media and millions of Americans, including myself as a great revolutionary leader who would free that island nation from the oppressive corruption of an evil tyrant.  But now, history has shown us the cure was worse than the disease.
Yes, as a dedicated believer in that liberal promised Utopian world I wanted to be a part of the Revolution and join Castro on his protracted march to Havana.  But unfortunately, the young ladies of Amite County, Mississippi had other plans for this dashing young fellow with a 1950 Nash Statesman, which had seats that folded back to make a great bed.  So the Revolution  and Castro had to wait.  As the years passed my youthful idealism passed and slowed vanished into reality.  Sometime I wonder what it would have been like to march into Havana with that rag-tag band of conquering heroes (that "Band of Angels" as most saw them) to the cheers of the people.  I suppose for Castro and the young fighters with him their dream had been realized and they did indeed embrace, for the moment, that mythical Utopia!  But a Utopia that would vanish as quickly as a fart in the wind once reality had set in.  When I think of what might have been it is quite sickening...but then I suppose this is the ultimate fate of all revolutions which are begun with the best of intentions. Intentions that are doomed to fail because men are men and not gods. 
However, it must be noted that just as there was Fidel and Che there was Washington and Jefferson.  So perhaps the evil is not in the man but in the ideology---but then it was man that spawned the ideology.  Hell, it's above my pay grade!  I give up!  Which came first the chicken or the egg?
Perhaps the best known song of revolutionary Cuba, Guantanamera.  I must say, I still get nostalgic when I hear this haunting song.


Wisconsin Recount: The Democrats are trying to put a square peg in a round hole

A recount in the Wisconsin 2016 presidential election with soon be underway.  A recount, that most agree, will not change the outcome.  Yet Democrats seemed determined to engage in this pointless, unrewarding, and futile task.  They are, in a real sense, trying to put that proverbial square peg in a round hole.  The sheer madness of shutting the barn door after the horse has escaped,  will ultimately produce an unrewarding experience akin to that of modern man trying to duplicate the lost ancient Chinese art of stacking greased BB's.  In short, the Democrats are planting are planting what will be a fruitless tree.  But then one should expect little else from the party that gave us the Affordable Care Act (ACA) better known as Obamacare.  And the party who gave us that great orator---a man who arrived on our shores atop his Hawaiian surfboard, or just maybe a interloper who came just one one step ahead of a Kenyan lion.



Knife-wielding Islamic Somali Refugee attacks students at Ohio State University

Today on the campus Ohio State University in Columbus a knife-wielding Islamic Somali refugee after driving his vehicle into a crowd of students jumped out knife in hand and proceeded to slash at fleeing students.  Isn't it quite amazing that those who represent only a small fraction of the many religious groups in our great nation seem to be the ones bent on killing anyone who believes differently.  As of this time the motive of the 18 year old attacker remains a mystery according to those in the main stream media.   But then, do we really need them to tell us his motive?  Hell, it was simple, just kill the infidel!  More about this terrorist is just being revealed---this Islamic Jihadist was named Abdul Artan, born in Somali and later moved to Pakistan and came to this country in 2014 and given legal permanent resident status by Obama's State Department.  Little wonder, Trump won the election.   


Fidel's final Cigar Butt to be enshrined at the Museum of the Revolution in Havana

Following the recent death of their beloved "Father of the Revolution", Fidel Castro, the Cuban government has announced that doctors foreseeing this day of lamentation,  had saved the world's most famous cigar smoker's final butt for posterity.  The butt, that of a Cohiba Coronas Especiales Laguito No.2, (once made at a secret location due to fears that the CIA was planning the assassination of Fidel via a poisonous or exploding stogie) will be given a place of honor at the Museum of the Revolution in Havana.  There, the "butt" will be on display with all the other assholes of the communist revolution.


Fidel Castro, man behind the assassination of JFK dies at age 90

Fidel Castro is dead at age of 90.  Former Cuban dictator, Castro the western hemisphere's first communist leader is now history.  Fidel assumed power following the Cuban Revolution in 1959, and immediately began eliminating his enemies via prison and the firing squads.  A failed attempt was made to over-throw the communist dictator by counter-revolutionary forces sponsored by the CIA in April 1961.  The coup failed because then U.S. President John Kennedy refused to provide air cover that had been promised to the 1400 men of the Democratic Revolutionary Front who had landed on Cuban beaches at the Bay of Pigs. 
The weakness shown by President John Kennedy in 1961, would lead Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev to believe he could move Russian R-12 MRBN, nuclear tipped missiles to that communist island in October 1962.  A action that was soon reversed during what was known as the Cuban Missile Crisis.   It was the perceived weakness of the American President that lead to the stand off between the Cold War enemies--the USA and the USSR.  A stand off, that for a short while brought the world to the brink of WWIII.  Fortunately an accommodation was reached between the two super powers with the Russians removing their missiles from Cuba and later the United States removing their ICBM's from Turkey. 
Castro, never forgave Kennedy nor Khrushchev for this back-handed slap in the face of his authority and many believe that Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassin, who was a devout communist and a Castro supporter was either inspired by his love for the cigar smoking commie dictator or maybe encouraged by agents of the Cuban state to pull the trigger that fateful day in Dallas, Texas.  Today, a day that is being celebrated by thousands of free Cubans in Miami's "Little Havana" the final chapter in the life of Fidel Castro has been written with his death.


Green Party contest Election 2016 outcome and calls for Vote Recount in states of MI, PA, and WI

Green Party candidate, Jill Stein has raised almost $3 million dollars to contest the outcome of the 2016 election results in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Apparently some computer experts have claimed voting irregularities in counties using voting machines, implying the machines were possibly hacked.  It should be noted that the Green Party got almost 1% of the votes cast in each of the contested states.  Perhaps those in the Party believe they will be able to pick up an additional 50% of the total vote cast in one or more of these three states---in other words millions and millions of votes.  I have always thought those in the Green Party were a little nutty--now my suspicions have been proven correct.  But then one could speculate that Miss Stein's motives are somewhat darker.  After all the margins in these 3 blue-wall states between Trump and Hillary Clinton was indeed very small.  This makes me wonder where Jill got the $3 million to contest the vote.  How do you say, "Clinton Campaign"!  This is little more than a last ditch futile effort by progressives to steal the election from Trump.  And effort, that will fail---like all before!


Old Fashion Thanksgiving

Can you just picture one of today's cream-puff generation doing this?  Could this be an early image of one of the young men who stormed the beaches of Normandy or raised the flag atop Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima?  Now, from the President of the United States down to the "safe-space occupant" on the university commons. who fears getting his feelings hurt should he venture from that protected environment, they all are screaming, "pardon the turkey".  But those same people want the first slice of that baked bird at the Thanksgiving table!


Lions gone Wild

Those progressives with that herd mentality 
are in for a big shock.  
A lion has been set loose among the sheep!


Will Trump build Extraterrestrial Alien Space Wall

During his recent White House meeting with President Obama, President-elect Donald Trump was given a super top secret report about aliens.  Not just the ones blasting border agents with obnoxious bean farts, but the one-horned, one eyed flying purple eaters threatening both Republican and Democrats alike.  The President invited Donald to accompany him on a secret trip to Area 51, to view for himself the evidence there, confirming the existence of these creatures who constitute a clear and present danger to the human race.  Reportedly, following the meeting with the president,  Trump had his transition team looking into the feasibility of constructing a space wall.



"The Bubble" today's Progressive Utopian answer to Trump Land USA

Finally after decades of searching for that Utopian Paradise, that mythical Shangri-La today's "selfie" generation has found the ultimate safe place--The Bubble!  You must check out this short SNL spoof on this "Paradise Found"!    

The Dream
The Reality
And after the long protracted search for that ultimate safe place it has been found.  A land where like-minded refugees from the conflicts of daily life and the voices of dissension can find sanctuary.  A sanctuary, that can only be maintained by driving out or eliminating those who would attempt to effectuate dissension and discord within the desired homogeneous populous.  In short a cleansing of those misfits, undesirables and deplorables thought to be a danger to the grand Utopian State---A FINAL SOLUTION!      


The Race Card: Last Refuge of Scoundrels and Democrats

Donald Trump's nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General in his administration has touched off a firestorm on the left.  That most infamous of all progressive weapons, the Race Card, has been dealt from the bottom of the deck---it's proper place.  It seems that Senator Sessions, some 30 years ago jokingly said "he supported the KKK until he found out they smoked marijuana".  Honestly, I could care less what someone said some thirty years ago---it's what he says today that counts.  The truth is that, Chuck Schumer (incoming Senate Democrat Minority Leader), is not really concerned about what Jeff said some thirty years ago; but his current position on immigration which is diametrically opposed to his.  What the Democrats have here is a "failure to communicate".  Something that the recent election highlighted with them losing the presidency.  Throughout the long campaign they repeatedly played the race card, the Islamophobic card, the misogynist card and others---they have a full deck.  Actually, one must feel sorry for them, because other than their crooked deck they have nothing else to play.  Their policies and programs are falling apart---everything from Obamacare (Barack's crowning achievement) to their "leading from behind foreign policy" is in shambles.  They have stumbled into a vast wasteland of their own making and in sheer desperation to distract from reality they pull the race card from their tattered sleeve. 
A card, that no longer has any noteworthy meaning---it has been played far too many times, and quite frankly, thinking Americans want fall for it again.  However, there are still many uniformed lemmings who are hellbent on waiving that hate card as they go over the cliff.  To these unfortunate souls I have only these two words, "Happy Landing"!             aa


Following Trump's appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Hillary prepares to flee country

One must wonder how Hillary Clinton is reacting to Trump's nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.  Will she dispatch Bubba to meet with Sessions on some remote tarmac as she did when Loretta Lynch was AG?  Or is she actively appealing to President Obama for a coveted presidential pardon.  Failing that will she just seek out some country like Brazil that doesn't have an inclusive extradition treaty with the United States.  If she chooses the latter, will the old gal pack bottled water and Tabasco Sauce for her extended stay in the land of the samba and go topless on Copacabana Beach.


Donald Trump to bring Fundamental change to White House

Not only would Trump drain the swamp in Washington, but he would bring fundamental change to the White House.  He has already indicated he will not accept the annual $400,000 salary and $50,000 expense account afforded to Presidents.  In fact The Donald has offered to give the old White House a face lift which will not cost the taxpayers a single dime as he will fund all of the much needed remodeling.  Additional, President Elect Trump has promised to only use Air Force One (a massive Boeing 747 gas guzzler) only for official government sanctioned functions and unlike his predecessor, Barack H. Obama, will use his modest personal Boeing 757 for what will be sparse golf outings and infrequent vacations.  Just think, once again we will have a President not concerned with making his fortune while in office at the expense of taxpayers---we can't say the same for Obama and his former Secretary of State---Hillary R. Clinton.



Why Donald Trump won the Election

Now that the 2016 election is history, many are beginning to ask, why did Trump win!  This simple reason is there is an element in society who insist they have all the answers and like to label those who disagree with some obnoxious name.  I suppose in some sick way, this makes them feel superior to those they view as knuckle-dragging troglodytes.  Mental retards who should be contained if not eliminated, so as not to infect the vanguard of those enlightened souls seeking to bring about that Brave New World.  A world where the individual is little more that a measly cog in some gigantic mindless machine dedicated to the proposition that all mankind is subservient to that omniscient master---the State.        


I miss Hillary, so lonesome I could cry

Never, never knew just how much I could miss someone. For years I've had that lovable lady from NY with me at the breakfast table as I drank my morning coffee and again in the evening when I kicked back and tossed down a cold one.  Sadly she is gone.  Vanished like a fart in the wind, on November 8.  I'm so lonesome I could cry!


Media reports Drowning Fish saved by Heroic bird

I pray you are not one of those conservative, Trump loving, idiots that actually believes that he has sufficient grey matter to comprehend the meaning of what his lying eyes are seeing.  One who is blind to the absolute truth and refuses to see the reality presented to him through the all-seeing lens of a loving media who puts truth-in-reporting above all bias and self-interest.  If you are one of those poor uninformed souls please, please watch an informative news channel like CNN, MSNBC, CBS or ABC and avoid FOX News for they will only confirm what your lying eyes have seen.   

Crime Rates higher in Democrat controlled areas of Country.

Looking at a map of the recent election and comparing it against a national crime rate map leads one to wonder what the hell is going on.  Why is the crime rate soaring in areas controlled by Democrats?  In one word---"DEMOCRATS"!

Strange as it may seem, these are the same areas supposedly targeted by both Russian and Chinese ICBM's.  Does Putin know something we don't? 


Obama to return to his Roots in wake of Donald Trump Victory

Many of the Hollywood elite had promised to leave America should their worst nightmare (the election of Donald Trump) come true.  It is being reported that none on this extensive list have made any airline reservations at this time and observers at LAX international airport have noticed no appreciable increase in private Lear Jet traffic leaving the facility. 
However, sources inside the West Wing have over heard muffled voices among the staff discussing, soon to be former President Obama's secret post Trump inauguration plan, which includes a trip to a remote Kenyan village on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Villager's there are said to be preparing a warm welcome for the return of their prodigal son.  It appears, that the enthusiasm for the arrival of this ex-patriot has only grown since the rumors are flying that Barack is a "slow runner" --it must be his white half.  It should be noted that the villagers hold slow runners in a exalted position in the tribal hierarchy and  provided them with only the best cuisine---much like that of the fatted calf of biblical times---oops! 
Footnote:  You don't have to be the fastest runner to escape the lion, just not the slowest!      


How the left views the anti-Trump Oakland Riots

Following the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States protest (some turning into riots like the one in Portland, Oregon) broke out in Democrat centers of power across the nation.  The media, when asked about the riots, were quick to point out that only in Portland did the protest turn violent and then quickly came to the defense of those youthful cry-babies who filled the streets in other cities. 
On a somewhat related note a Trump supporter was viciously beaten just the other day by a group of Hillary supporters in Chicago.  I am now waiting for the media to respond to that event.  They will acknowledge that act of violence, while at the same time, they will out the fact that no Trump supporters were assaulted in other cities across the nation.  In other words praising the lack of violence by Democrat thugs in New York and other locations.  Perhaps they should reward these thugs for their one night of non-violence with some sort of peace medal.  I'm just a simple man, with uncomplicated thoughts. But it does seem to me that when acts of violence occur the media should condemn and not deflect from the event.


Hillary's glass ceiling turned out to be a Windshield

Don't turn wipers on, pantsuits leave streaks!
Remember, throughout the presidential campaign when Hillary and those around her including her adoring media lapdogs kept telling us she would break that final glass ceiling.  Implying she would be the first woman president.  I suppose if that had occurred a new glass ceiling would have almost immediately been constructed for the first transgender, gay, Latino, Pacific Islander, Outer Mongolian, and then any other etc's the left could dream up.  Well, Hillary ole gal, you were never destined to break that glass ceiling, but you have instead been headed toward that Trumpmobile windshield for a long time---congratulations you made it.  But don't worry about it Hillary, just kick back, wrap your lips around a tall glass of Crown Royal and toss darts at that Trump dartboard. 
Damn, I enjoyed writing this!
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Hollywood Elites flee to Canada to escape wrath of Racist Trumpian Troglodytes

Many Hollywood celebrities have boldly proclaimed 
they would exit the country and move to Canada 
should Donald Trump be elected President.  
Just like liberal campus cry-babies, 
they are seeking that Safe Space   
where they can shield themselves from those 
knuckle-dragging troglodytes who dare voice their opinions 
or visit a polling place 
where their megaphone is suddenly as large as theirs. 

Today's Bonus

Sorry Barack, but all good things must come to an end!  
There's a new Sheriff in town.

Donald Trump is the Face of a new revitalized American Nationalism

Following the close of WWI and WWII and the collapse of colonialism rampant nationalism swept through Africa, the middle east and Asia. This movement was hailed by most liberals and progressives in the west while at the same time these same voices began to condemn the old nationalism of Europe and the United States. For these progressives patriotism was OK for the newly emerging states, but not for the old nations of western Europe and the United States. This double standard quickly gained support in the west and spun out-of-control in western Europe leading to the ascendancy of the EU. In America this movement gained strength, but its inroads were not on the European scale.
Then came 9/11 and the world, particularly the west was jolted. Many began to see new threats: first the obvious one of radical Islam and next a somewhat more obscure one, "a lack of nationalism in the west". Slowly it became evident that national pride had been diminished and replaced with the new multiculturalism that recognized no national boundaries. And it was this new multiculturalism that provided the breeding ground for yet another emerging force that of "Pan-Islamic Nationalism". An old enemy of the west that had once been vanquished was raising its ugly head again and threatening not only western Europe, but also the new world.

Until 9/11 western Europe had stood virtually alone against the onslaught of this new enemy as most Americans were unaware of this new danger. 9/11 changed everything, but the entrenched forces of liberalism and multiculturalism in Europe and America will not go quietly into the night. Their Utopian dream of a world without borders will not be easily brushed aside.
The tide appears to be turning as a new nationalism, a new pride in country and tradition is growing in Europe; while at the same time the patriotism of many Americans is being revitalized. To paraphrase Admiral Yamamoto, "this new enemy has awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve", America and her friends in Europe have had enough and our gates are no longer open to those who would trample our traditions. A new patriotism, a new national pride is being born in the west and soon the forces of multiculturalism and pan-Islamic nationalism will feel the wrath of this sleeping giant.  And more than anyone single person, Donald Trump, President elect, of the United States is the face of a new American Nationalism.  This coming Jan 20, 2017 this bold patriotic nationalist will takes the reigns of government from a multicultural globalist, Barack Obama.  And then once more, we will have a leader who wants to make America great again and not apologize for it's past greatness as the current president has. 


Should Democrats defeat Trump today will they turn their wrath on millions of Deplorables

Should progressive Democrats defeat Donald Trump at the polls today, that will only solve part of what they see as a problem.  Will they then turn their attention to the tens of millions of what they to see as deplorables, as described by their anointed leader Hillary Clinton and seek that final solution.  Will progressives and their  Sonderkommans' in the media, in their twisted drive for racial mental purity, intensify the search for that elusive mind-altering chemical that will create a nation of progressive-like thinkers who will all be on the same page.  Or perhaps they will just impose mandatory reeducation camps dedicated to the proposition that all men must be transformed to think alike for the good of the State.

Unfortunately the left's hate for the white man (after all they make up the bulk of Trump's political base) has permeated almost all parts of the American Progressive Movement.  And is only equaled by that expressed toward the Jewish State.  There they see a Zionist apartheid nation who has enslaved their peace-loving Arab brothers at gun point.  Make no mistake---those on the left would destroy the Jewish State of Israel as well as those awful deplorables in this country much in the same manner the Nazis marched off millions in their drive for that final solution.  What they seem to forget is that, this time the would be victims of the all powerful state have guns.  Although perhaps a few do realize this annoying fact, and are working hard to repeal that mistake made by the founding fathers---the Second Amendment.


Long lines outside Cemeteries in and around Philadelphia prior the to election day

As election day nears in Pennsylvania unusually large numbers of young people have been seen entering cemeteries in and around the Philadelphia area carrying notebooks and laptops.  While at the same time the number of students absent from their classes on the nearby campuses of the University of Pennsylvania, La Salle, and Temple University has spiked. 
Republican party activist who have been barred from observing suspicious around polling sites on election day by Federal Court Judges, because they just might intimidate black voters have instead opted to concentrate their efforts around the cities massive graveyards.  Graveyards that have been targeted in the past by Democratic Party voting recruiters, primarily because they have found little opposition from the local residents to being dragged to the polling sites.  It should be noted that the Art of Tomb-stoning has been perfected by unscrupulous criminal elements within the Democrat Party.  And that these activities are very difficult to prove as most involved are dead.   


Trying in Vain to Retaliate for my Trump yard sign being Stolen.

I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.  Just yesterday some insane Hillary supporter (they had to be insane to support her) stole my Trump yard sign.  That was bad enough!  But then to make matters worse I spend the better part of the day looking for a Hillary sign so I could return the favor---but alas no Hillary signs could be found.  Well I expected that, as there are no black or Hispanic communities close by.  Not saying they are all that stupid, but for some unknown reason they do seem to have more than their share of idiots.  At any rate by neighbor did give be one of his yard signs to replace mine.  What makes Democrats steal the symbols of political opposition?  Could it just be that they are the party of thieves and criminals----after all just look at their standard bearer (Hillary Clinton)!