Huma Abedin Missing, NYPD dragging East River

Sources have just confirmed that Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's top aid and wife of Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger, is officially missing.  The same sources confirm that the NYPD's Marine Division is dragging the East River near the home of Huma.  In what could be a related story, police records show that two bags of cement were recently stolen from a construction site near the Abedin residence.  Hillary Clinton was asked about the mysterious disappearance of Huma, her top aide who she had once referred to as her second daughter.  The Democratic Presidential candidate replied, that it was a Vast Right-wing Conspiracy that sent Huma to her watery grave.  When asked what she meant about "watery grave", Hillary simply said "it is common knowledge that Huma lived near the East River".  Chelsea Clinton, when learning about the strange disappearance of Huma (Hillary's second daughter), confirmed that she and family were taking an extended vacation to a private villa she owns on a small island in the Tongan archipelago.  Additional, Chelsea made a point of telling reporters that she had little knowledge of the inner workings of the Clinton Foundation and never used emails. 



Media bias again raises it's ugly head when reporting on Trump and Hillary Rallies

Those in the news media simply cannot help themselves when it comes to showing their support for Hillary and their disdain for Donald Trump.  They simply have to reveal themselves much in the same manner that New York's number one flasher, Anthony Weiner displays his privates to what he thinks are a sex-starved public.  According to the MSM Hillary's are much bigger than Trump---speaking of the rallies.  In short the media is in the tank for former Secretary Clinton and can see nothing outside the little fishbowl surrounded by mirrors, they live and swim in.


Carlos Danger aka Anthony Weiner awarded Presidental Medal of Freedom by President Trump

In an elaborate  ceremony in the White House Rose Garden on his second day in office, President Donald Trump awarded Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger the nation's highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom in absentia. Carlos is now serving a 15 year sentence at the Federal Penitentiary at Allenwood, Pennsylvania where he is reportedly having the time of his life with the boys in Cell Block no. 2.  President Trump, in a brief statement expressed his gratitude to Mr. Weiner, a life-long Democrat, for his inadvertent aid in keeping the nation from going over the cliff by helping to insure that HRC would not reach the Oval Office.  At this time Hillary Clinton remains in seclusion at her sprawling estate in Chappaqua, New York.  While at the same time Huma Abedin, Sec. Clinton's former chief aid and wife of convicted child molester Anthony Weiner was seen outside the prison at Allenwood, apparently seeking to get on Anthony's visitor list.  It should be noted that Federal Penitentiaries allow conjugal visits, however we fail to recognize the need for such visits considering Carlos's tete-a-tete's with the boys in Cell Block no. 2!  But then, poor Huma may be unaware of Anthony's tryst just as she was about Hillary's illicit relationship with that hot server in her basement---and we don't mean the butler!   


Moving to Benghazi to escape the wrath of President Hillary Clinton

Should Hillary Clinton win the November election the safest place for those Trump supporters who are on her hit list would be Benghazi.  Apparently the former Secretary of State doesn't want to see anything on her radar about this North African nation.  A nation she more than anyone else in the government turned over to ISIS and other Islamic Terrorist.  She likes to point to her achievements, whatever they may be, but remains deaf and dumb when it comes to her activities surrounding the deaths of 4 Americans there.


Top 3 Ghetto Industries - Drug Dealing, Pimping and Prostition

Are you one of those people that wonder why so many Democrat politicians are flocking to the "Black Lives Matter" banner?  Perhaps they know the shocking truth about the sprawling inner city ghettos.  Ghettos that keep so-called progressive political leaders in the seats of power in America's largest cities, by providing them with 90+ % of the vote in local and national elections and even 100 % in certain precincts.  Democrats have done little or nothing to improve the lives of those living in the ghettos.  Ghettos where the primary industries are drug-dealing, pimping and prostitution are very life blood of these crumbling communities.  Industries that must be protected at all cost from the dangers posed by law-enforcement.  These industries depend on the "cracker" visitors, who run the gauntlet of car-jackers and thugs in order to obtain that white powder that will allow them to enter, if just for a short while, that faux paradise on earth.  In fact, it is these outsiders who provide the funds that keeps the ghetto running---everything from the corner dope dealer, the hooker, the local liquor store, and the fried chicken hut are all dependent on the white suburbanite that dares to enter this dark criminal world.  Democrats, are painfully aware their programs have failed those living, in what can only be called an alien planet.  They know that the only things holding the ghetto together and thereby keeping  their strongest voting base together in the drug dealer and his white customers.  Hence, they embrace those in the Black Lives Matter movement.  A movement that should be more aptly named Criminal Lives Matter.  This is the real reason Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch and HRC will do everything in their power to prevent those in law-enforcement from doing their job in the Black Ghettos! 


Massive Corruption at DOJ and the FBI

 Not only is the current Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, one that will not prosecute top Democrats who commit crimes against the nation.  But an Attorney General who will vigorously persecute those in the military, including top general officers, who are perhaps guilty of far lesser offenses than those Democrats, who are politically well connected and get that all important "get of jail free card".  Additionally Loretta Lynch appears to have an anti-police bias.  A bias that has her going after police departments across the nation, who in many cases are just doing the job they are expected to do!  I like many, am wondering if Loretta will stay on as the nation's chief law enforcement officer should Hillary Clinton become President.  After all it was Bill Clinton that had that secret meeting with her on the airport tarmac.   Was a deal struck!  A deal that would let Hillary skate on the email scandal in return for her staying on in a new Clinton administration. Perhaps, even a few greenbacks exchanged hands in back of the plane.  At any rate, Attorney General Lynch has proven she cares little about justice and everything about the Left's political agenda.  She along with Obama and the Clinton's have made a joke of the DOJ and the once proud FBI!  I am beginning to think that only a military coup will ever get this nation on the right path again. 


Degrees of Political Russian Roulette

In this election season there are two degrees of Russian Roulette.  Donald Trump may not be your cup of tea, but Hillary Clinton is most certainly your cup of poison!


Election season marks the Return of the Walking Dead

With the election season in full swing, millions of the walking dead have been seen swarming from the college campuses and the teeming urban areas in search of dwindling pockets of humans.  Strangely, these brain-dead former Americans are no longer in search of food, that problem has been solved by master zombie Barack Obama with his infamous EBT (food stamp) Card.  They now have an insatiable appetite for other people's stuff---not their brains, but their pocketbooks.  Many have also emerged from their subterranean homes and being guided by their zombie mentors in their quest for that mythical walking dead utopia.  A utopia that promises to answer all desires and provide complete gratification for needs such as food, money and that all elusive carnal knowledge of the opposite gender.  For in this new Walking Dead Shangri-La gender will in fact, become an antiquity of the past unworthy of the new Walking Dead World Order.



Trump Farting story given front page coverage while Hillary and Donkey incident relegated to page 27

Remember the time when a dog biting man was not news worthy, but a man biting dog stole the headlines.  Well in this current election season that has changed, at least when it comes to media reporting on Donald Trump.  Just last week an elderly New Yorker can forward to report that in 1981, Trump actually showed him disrespect by farting  on a elevator the two were on between the 23rd and 24th floor of the Federal Building in New York.  The Times in this story went on to speculate that Donald was there not to pay taxes.  Furthermore the same article confirmed that on that same day while eating at a nearby restaurant, the billionaire had the unmitigated gall to leave a poor waitress a measly 4% tip.  While this story was on the front page above the fold, a much less salacious story involving Hillary Clinton and a donkey was relegated to page 27.      


Donald Trump fondled New York Teenager in 1981

A 65 year old New York woman has come forward claiming that Donald Trump fondled her 14 year old charge "Missie" (last name withheld) in 1981 in her NYC apartment.  This distraught witness to Trump's obvious lascivious overtures toward the naive 14 year old Missie, along with his wanton lecherous stroking of her hair and obscene pats on her rear reportedly left the teenager in a total state of disrepair from which she never fully recovered.  According to Ms. Rodman, a life long Democrat and second cousin twice removed of Hillary Clinton, Missie died some three years after the unwelcome attention of the Man from Trump Tower, at the ripe old age of 17.   
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Paid Hillary Thugs commit acts of violence at Trump Rally, Media blames Donald

For months the media told Americans the rhetoric of Donald Trump was causing the violence at his rallies.  But now that it's finally been  revealed that elements in the Democratic Party actually paid professional agitators as much as $1500 each to attend Trump rallies for the sole purpose of creating violent acts, the voices of the media hypocrites are silent.  Silent because they are just as guilty as the twisted individuals throwing the first punch and they know it, but simply don't care!  Their only goal is to insure the election of Hillary Clinton and not to report anything that would run counter to that objective----they will actually embrace lies and shun the truth to push Hillary across that finish line to the presidency.


Trump predicts Election Fraud---voters in the ghetto already know this, but white crackers are naive

Why hasn't Hillary Clinton taken a stronger stand on election fraud. It's actually quite simply, election fraud and corruption has been a "way of life" for this politician for years. She knows the Democratic Party is married to it, and must rely on huge pluralities coming out of the precincts in major metropolitan centers. I find it quite strange that blacks in the inner city polling locations seem to always give Democrats at a minimum at least 90+ percent of their vote.  While blacks living in areas outside the ghetto normally only vote for Democrats about 80% of the time. The corruption and fraud are quite evident to all and appalling to most. But this great leader has to have the fraudulent ballots stuffed up her rear before she gets scent of the fraud.
The election of Hillary Clinton, will not occur because of the will of the voters, but due to a corrupt stolen election. Has anyone noticed that the votes from certain parts of the sprawling urban centers are often, very often late in reporting on election night.  And that in close elections they miraculously appear giving the trailing Democrat a narrow victory. A victory that will put that state in the "blue" column and in some cases elect a Democrat to the presidency.  Hillary knows this to be a fact and is licking her chops, at the mere thought of fooling what has become a dumb electorate, once again.  After all to her being the progressive she is, "the end justifies the means". Corruption and voter fraud is just a way of life for this ole gal and most of her closest advisers. 


Should Hillary head for the White House, we can only hope the British arrive there first

Just think, we could wake up on the Wednesday morning following this November election  with a President-elect Hillary Clinton beginning to pack her shit, in eager preparation for her return trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  For some of you basement dwelling millennials who know more about the keyboard on your iPhone (that your parents pay for) than your government, that's the official address of the White House.  The same White House where she and hubby Bill tried to rent out the Lincoln bedroom when they occupied that dwelling.  The same White House, where they looted the silverware and china from before leaving in 2001.  The same White House where  former President Bill Clinton left a permanent stain that no cleaning agent will remove. 
The same White House that has been occupied for the last 8 years by the worst weasel in American history.  One must wonder if the old lady (the White House) is anxiously awaiting the return of the Clinton's or has she had enough and just praying for the return of the British carrying their torches as they did in 1814.  At any rate, as it stands at this moment in time, it appears that the dark cloud hanging over the White House will not dissipate at any time in the near future; but will only grow darker!   


Mutated Turtles attack Windmill south of La Mancha near Rota, Spain Naval Base

Just released image shows mutated Chinese Sea Turtles attacking secret American radar installation disguised as a windmill near the Rota Naval Base at El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain.  At this time the purpose of this unprovoked attack remains a mystery.  However Spanish military units from La Mancha supported by U.S. Marine elements from the Rota Naval Base are converging on the beleaguered radar base in an effort to rescue the two Americans stationed there.  Meanwhile back in the U.S.A., lame duck President Obama, has requested the assistance of PETA to insure the safety of the turtles involved in this peaceful non-Muslim attack from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

I see nothing more in this cryptic image.  Am I crazy doc? 

Next President? Or proof half the country is nuts!


Trump Sexual Scandals Raw Meat for Media Weasels

The media weasels have not been, in the least bit, bashful about expressing their preference for Trump Scandal wings and legs.  While at the same time, they apparently seem to be on a hunger strike when it comes too WikiLeaks emails topped with Russian Beluga Caviar.  Today's weasels are not like the weasels of old, that were the scourge of farmer Smith's hen house.  Those undiscriminating varmints simply grabbed the chicken that was lowest on the roost.  But the weasel of this modern era has become a connoisseur selecting only choice morsels that have been stamped "RNC" by top officials at corporate Weasel Media Headquarters  located in NYC and Washington D.C.


9 Photos prove Hillary is a tired old woman who should never be President

Check out the photos of this tired old hag who wants to rule the country.  God forbid!


Just released image reveals Trump's Deviant Sexual Behavior

 NBC has just released a recently uncovered image of a young Donald Trump sexually assaulting a young female.  Everyone should be shocked at the deviant chauvinistic behavior displayed by Trump.  Acts such as this must not be tolerated and should be condemned by all, even those  heterosexual males who see their number shrinking as more and more males are joining both the transgender and homosexual community.  There must soon come a time when "straight" male activities such as drooling over the female form and football are banned.   Of course, the above image is not that of Donald Trump and is only used used in this satirical piece to point out the massive hysteria sweeping the nation.  A hysteria where mere accusations of sexual misbehavior over-shadow the real world problems of life and death.  But then we do live in a world where "sex" dominates the headlines and more people view porn than the news.  Perhaps in the next election season we should nominate the man with the biggest "johnson" or the woman with the most bodacious  tata's and be done with it!  After all the Oval Office already bears the stain that can never be removed, not even by BleachBit, from the husband of the woman who now seeks that office.  What the hell, the new President should select top porn stars for his cabinet and ambassadorships and satisfy the country's sexual needs!    


No Sanctuary for those Americans who would seek to destroy the Country

The election is looming, but the outcome has already been decided.  Not by the voters, but by those in the elite media, university sanctuaries for the mentally deficient, and their fellow travelers. Those in the sprawling corporate news headquarters have decided they, and they alone, know what best for America.  They are joined by those impressionable young minds on the university campuses across the nation, where if you don't carry the torch of radical left wing ideology you are ostracized  or literally driven from the field, by those who show no tolerance toward opposing positions.  Ironically, the target of the far left campus progressives is none other than those who have built and finance the once great universities.  It is time, past time, to pull funds from these institutions of political indoctrination and allow them to have the death they so richly deserve.  Sanctuary for those who seek to destroy the country can no longer be tolerated and certainly not supported on the backs of taxpayers.  The academic freedoms that once protected these colleges no longer applies.  Those on the left have made that quite clear, by not allowing opposing voices to be heard on the quad.  The leaders of these institutions should no longer be allowed to hide behind the wall of academic freedom which is little more than a joke at this time.  No we should burn them down, but destroy them as they presently exist or just stop funding them!



Hillary Clinton is no Abe Lincoln

In the last Presidential Debate Hillary Clinton seemed to compare herself to our beloved assassinated President Abe Lincoln.  Who according to her, used certain selective words in public and more or less  just the opposite when behind closed doors.  Apparently, Hillary in not only an astute historian but has the uncanny ability to read the mind of the dead man sealed in the Lincoln Memorial.  Can you really believe that a congenital liar, the likes of Hillary Clinton, would have the unmitigated gall to compare herself to man known for his honesty---Honest Abe?  But perhaps more importantly, that so many in this nation believe the lying bitch.  Perhaps, should Hillary be elected she will attend an encore performance of "Our American Cousin" at the newly renovated Ford's Theater in Washington.  Being self-assured, by her amazing psychic ability, that the ghost of John Wilkes Booth is not lurking there. 

Of course the last two lines of the above post are just tongue-in-cheek, and should not be interrupted by those in the Secret Service as an overt threat against the former First Lady!    


Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!

If you have watched a Trump rally, cry's of "Lock Her Up!  Lock Her Up!  Lock Her Up!" will fill the air as millions of Americans are sick and disgusted that Barack Obama's Justice Department with Loretta Lynch at the helm refused to indict Hillary Clinton for her many (to numerous to mention here) violations of the law.  The man in the street is only too aware that should any other citizen engage in the actions that Hillary Clinton practiced on a daily basis, they would surely go to jail.

At the second Presidential Debate Donald Trump actually had the cojones to say that Hillary should be in jail and would be if he were in charge.  For daring to say, what many Americans think, he was soundly condemned by those in the elite media.  A media that quickly accused him of acting like some banana republic dictator.  How quickly those at CNN and MSNBC, who are little more than water-carriers for the Clinton campaign; seem to have forgotten that it was Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch and others at both the Justice and State Departments that were acting like fascist despots by illegally moving both heaven and earth to assure that their hand-picked successor to Obama would not have to answer to justice for her many violations of federal laws.  If there are any corrupt third world leaders in the country it is those currently in power, in that great cesspool known as Washington D.C.  And what is perhaps most disturbing about those currently in charge in the nation's capital is that in most cases, they believe their actions to be not only legal, but necessary for the well being of the country.

At this time, Donald Trump in not only under fire from those on the left, but by many in his own party on the right.  I recall an old-timer once telling me that when those on both sides condemn your actions you must be doing something right.  Apparently  leaders both on the left and right see themselves as defenders of what they believe to be the status quo.  With those on the progressive side desperately trying to retain the gains they have achieved under the past 8 years of the Obama administration and those of the conservative persuasion trying to preserve what little remains on their power.  And then there is Donald Trump, a true American Nationalist, who stands with the little man and not the powerful elites on both sides of the political spectrum.  A man who would put America first and Make America Great Again!   


Words of a Female Trump Supporter

Being a straight Republican man I would cringe, 
but would allowed the Trump peck on the cheek---
maybe it's just the French in my DNA!


Sources Reveal Secret Hillary - Putin Tryst in Private UN Conference Room

Following the release of Trump's open-mic tapes sources inside the Trump campaign have revealed that Hillary Clinton had a secret meeting with Russian leader Vladimer Putin in a secure private conference room at the United Nations building in NYC.  The meeting, which in reality, turned out to be an all night tryst, between the two ended abruptly when Hillary refused to give Vladimir "a Monica Lewinski"!  Reportly, Putin was so outraged that he threatened to release hacked emails showing that the Democratic candidate for president had no problem speaking out of both sides of her mouth, but was unwilling to take something "head on"!  

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Shocking image of Americans who wish to pay more taxes to IRS than they owe

Apparently those who are condemning Trump for not paying taxes on his business losses actually want him to come across with the money anyway, although he is legally within his right not to pay.  These are the same progressives who will take ever possible deduction the law allows---just like everyone does; while at the same time calling for higher taxes to bring more funds into the general coffers so they can give away more free stuff to buy votes and win the next election.  Gimme a fricking break!!!!


Weasels and Liars in Washington D.C.

Recently when FBI Director, James Comey was testifying before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee investigating Hillary Clinton's emails and the immunity given to Hillary's top aides including the FBI's destruction of their personal laptops, Director Comey in his answer to one of the committee members replied, "we are not weasels".  Implying those in his organization had done nothing wrong and were only victims of a political witch hunt conducted by Republicans on the Committee.  Hearing that, I was reminded of President Richard Nixon's famous words, "I am not a crook" and of course Hillary Clinton's "I am not a liar".  Why is it, that when some of these people are under pressure, they can't help but self-identify with words like "weasel, crook and liar".  Truth at times, is revealed in the strangest way.  The corruption that is now running rampant in Washington is dragging the nation down, what can only be described as a one-way street toward a banana-like republic where the laws only apply to the down-trodden masses and not to those those powerful elites at the top of what is fast becoming the world's largest dung pile!
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Hillary Clinton: Expert at OPM, spending (Other People's Money)

We need a President in the White House who is capable of handling our money.  Our country is Trillions in debt and the debt cliff is looming just over the horizon.  Hillary Clinton, has a proven record of handling Other People's Money OPM.  After all here is a woman who never had to concern herself with that tedious task of watching how she spent her own money.  After all Hillary has some 40 years or more of experiance when it comes to OPM, whereas Donald Trump has none.  One needs to look no further than the Clinton Foundation.  There she and Bill have been able to amass a great fortune, by simply using OPM.  And then of course, there was all those years she and Bill, were able to have lavish life styles on OPM.  Finally I urge everyone to vote for the only candidate who is an absolute genius when it comes to the art of spending OPM, Hillary Clinton.   


Bring back the Guillotine for Hillary Clintonette

Have you ever wonder what Bill would say as Hillary is march off to that best of French inventions---the Guillotine? "Damn thought this day would never come, now where did I put my little black book!"


Hillary says, "The Average Democrat is Stupid',

After years of listening to Hillary Clinton, even her days in Arkansas at the Governor's Mansion, I have finally found something I agree with her on "the average Democrat is stupid".  Well ole gal even a blind hog can occasionally find a acorn.  Congratulation you witch---damn thought that was spelled with a "B", but spell check gave it an ok! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Truth about Obama and Kenya

When one stops to think about it, no one really knows why Barack choose not to live in the land of his father.  After all, he did have the means to return to his roots.  Strangely enough many blacks in this country have the economic means to move to what used to be called the Dark Continent, but only a handful have dared make that voyage.  Is there some deep-seeded belief among blacks in this country that in many ways they are superior to their distant cousins who live in the land of the Rhino and Lion.  Funny, over the years this observer has noticed that for some inexplicable reason those people of color who live in the city look down on their country cousins.  Actually that bias bleeds over to white city folks who see those who live pass the city limits sign  as dumb hillbillies in the sticks.  Obama will soon be leaving office (thank God for his tender mercy) and he will select his new home.  A home where he will spent his final days.  An almost sure bet is that it won't be in Africa.  In fact, I seriously doubt if he will even have a summer home where the lions roam.

On a personal note, some may think me a birther for daring to mention Kenya and Obama in the same sentence.  Go ahead, his time in office is coming to an end therefore his place of birth is of little interest to me.  But I do wonder at times would he be able to outrun the Lion and the Rhino of his father's native (boy that word fits) land.  Actually, having lived through all those elections he won, I would love to see him lose just one race (damn another one of those words with duel meanings)!   
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