Juan and Mohammad gave birth to Trump and Brexit Revolutions

Liberty and freedom are precious and must be fought for by each generation. Both Brexit and the Trump election, were but the opening shots on the new greens of the American Heartland and the British countryside. And now, just as in that distant past new patriots see the approaching danger. This time, not in the forms of Brown Bess and Redcoat, but in the forms of "Juan and Mohammad" and "Globalization". . . And when the smoke had cleared the deaf ear of the oppressors in Brussels and Washington will be pierced by "the second shot heard round the world".


Time Magazine on Barack Obama and Donald Trump. The difference stinks.

Just like the National Democratic Party, those in the Media have yet to learn the lesson from the 2016 elections.  While Democrats continue catering to those coastal loons in New York and California and ignore the vast swat of country between the two oceans those in the media are marching in lock-step with them.  Poor things!  It seems that both Democrats and those in the media are banking on the changing demographics in America to bring about the changes they desire.  They seem to forget that foreigners flooding into the country are landing on the east and west coast, with a pitifully few venturing out into the heartlands.  The heartland, it seems has little to offer those that speak another language or have customs and values that coincide with the new arrivals.  However in the large metropolitan areas of both coast these strangers in the land find large enclaves of those who speak the same language and like the same foods.  Yes they have come to a new country, and it is there they have settled into their new home away from home.  In short, although the heartland is seeing some change in demographics due to immigration, it is on a vastly smaller scale than that in the major coastal cities.  But those in the media and Democrats have refused to recognize this simple fact.  Let's hope they remain oblivious to this.  They have simply forgotten American is a nation comprised of states----our founders knew this and enshrined it in the Constitution.  


Israel - Arabs, The side with biggest gun wins land dispute

Recently we've all been privy to the West Bank land dispute between Israel on one side and virtually the entire world on the other.  Over my many years I have observed what seems to be an indisputable truth:  when it comes to land disputes the side with the biggest gun seems always to be the victory.  But there are those rare occasions when those with the "Biggest Set" are triumphant over their longer-barreled adversaries.  That said if one side is blessed with both, the outcome is never in doubt.  Analogies  aside one can be certain that the Jewish state of Israel with never give up it's historic claim to Jerusalem unless there is a nation in the region with a bigger gun and a bigger set.  Quite frankly, I see little chance of either.
Some naive observers may note that most land disputes are settled by the court.  They seem to forget, that it is the State (the one with the biggest gun) that forces the individual, with his pitiful arsenal, to submit to it's will whether justified or not.  


Obama welcomes Israel to his Exclusive Friendship Club

It took almost 8 years, but under pressure 
his Muslim allies across the Middle East 
and like-minded nations across the globe, 
President Obama has welcomed the state of Israel to 
his most exclusive club. 


Israel's answer to Obama's UN Resolution telling them they have no rights in Jerusalem

In this holiday season, the current president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama has seen fit to stab the Jewish State of Israel in the back by stealth-like support of a UN Resolution that would not just ban Jewish settlements on the west bank, but would, in reality, make those Jews who live in Jerusalem little more than illegal squatters in homes their ancestors lived in for over a thousand years.  Good luck Mr. President in trying to control the fate of the Jewish state.  Men like those below just might have something to say about that.  But in the holiday spirit we do wish you a happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas.  Or in your case perhaps happy Ramadan would be more fitting.


Obama Scuttles UN vote on Israeli Settlements after Trump Warning

The Egyptian government under the leadership of Abdel El-Sisi introduced a resolution in the United Nations Security Council proposing a serious condemnation of Israeli Settlements on the West Bank.  In the past, the United States has been quick to veto such moves against the Jewish State.  However, at this time, as Obama reaches the end of his presidency sources confirmed that instead of the usual veto, this time the U.S. was preparing to abstain in the vote.  This move would have allowed the Egyptian resolution to pass and becoming binding until such time as the council would resend it.  This however, would be very unlikely because both Russia and China have veto power on the Council.  Apparently, President Obama who has no love for Benjamin Netanyahu or it seems, the Jewish State, was trying to tie the hands of our incoming president, Donald J. Trump in future negotiations on the Israeli Settlements.  President Trump after calls from the Israeli Prime Minister, contacted the Egyptian President, El-Sisi; after which, the resolution was withdrawn.  

This move by Obama along with his other recent act on offshore oil drilling proves that Barack will try to move heaven and earth to lock in those positions he deems necessary to his legacy.  In his last few days in office, Obama is proving what many had only speculated about before----the man is an ego-maniac.  
It should be noted that, soon to be President, Trump began his attack on the Obama plan that would in fact have placed a dagger at the throat of Israel with his fast "Twitter Finger".  I suppose one could say, Donald's twitter finger trumped Barack's pen.  I guess the old adage needs to be refined to say: "the tweet is mightier than the pen"!  


Ivanka Trump and her Children accosted by sicko Progressive on Jetblue flight from JFK

This is a  breaking story and some details are sketchy.  Apparently Ivanka Trump, her husband and 3 children were aboard a Jetblue Flight at JFK when Ivanka and her kids were accosted by another passenger simply because she was the daughter of the President-elect, Donald J. Trump.  I suppose being a man, he thought accosting a young mother with 3 kids was cool.  But then we must consider the fact, the poor man just cannot get over Hillary's loss to Trump in the election.

Read details of this breaking story HERE 

Trump uses his power of Persuasion to convert Hillary Voter

Many on the left are learning what Trump supporters already know.  He is a great persuader who has no equal.  When the Man from Truth Tower speaks even the Boyz-in-the-Hood fall in behind the leader.  And as for those few who fail to heed his message---they are left behind on the curb.  


Mexico is influencing our elections more than Russia

Democrats have their panties all in a wad, claiming the Russians influenced the outcome of the recent election that the Man from Trump Tower won.  But on the other hand, they have nothing to say, not a peep about the influence of the millions from south of the border.  Strange, I recall seeing hundreds of Mexican flags flying at Hillary rallies, but don't remember seeing a Russian flag at Trump rallies!  Matter of fact, I did see the old Soviet flying over Hillary and Bernie supporters.  Tells you something doesn't it.   Damn I think that the only thing progressives will get from this recent election is a massive wall across the Southern border  and a totally different direction for the nation. 

College Campus put on Lockdown after Noxious object found in Safe Space

Following the discovery of a noxious object found in the sacred sanctuary safe space of students dedicated to the preservation of multi-multiculturalism and all other ism's the campus of a major west coast university has been put on lock down.  A lock down that will continue until the perpetrators of this dastardly deed are brought to justice before the People's Student Council.  Intolerant disruptive acts such as placing a image of a racist white man, the likes of Donald Trump, in a designated safe space cannot and will not be tolerated.       


Will Angela Merkel blame Truck not Terrorist for Deaths in Berlin

In recent years the Obama administration, on more than one occasion, has blamed deaths during terrorist acts not so much on the terrorist, but on his weapon of choice.  After all the attacker is never viewed as an Islamic Terrorist according to Obama and the mouth-pieces around him, but nothing more than an innocent victim of his environment.  The real perpetrator is never the man but instead, the gun, the truck or even the plane.  The manufactures of these weapons of mass destruction must take the ultimate responsibility for the carnage resulting from their use.  Furthermore state governments around the world must be forced by leaders in the United Nation to enact laws insuring these destructive devices never fall into the wrong hands.
It should be noted that German Chancellor, Angela Merkel is being blamed for the recent attack in Berlin that killed 12 and injured dozens.  Many are insisting her policies that allowed almost a million undocumented potential terrorist into that nation was the cause of this vicious murder by truck attack at an infidel Christmas Market in Berlin.  One must wonder how people can point an accusing finger at Angela or even the poor misguided individual who only drove this man-made  death machine into a crowd of unbelievers, when the real villain was quite obviously the huge hunk of steel that crushed the flesh and bones of those daring to block it's path.  Now really to blame the driver is akin to blaming the building engineer for the collapse of the tower.


Lastest Popular Vote Count 2016 Election (December 19, 2016)


Trump - 306        Clinton - 232
 270 Needed to Win
Note: There may be a very small, insignificant change to these electoral vote numbers as they are cast today in the various state capitals.  The outcome however will not change the fact that Donald Trump will be President January 20, 2017
Latest Popular Vote Count
 Trump - 62,979,616       Clinton - 65,844,594
Below is the actual popular vote totals from the state of California.  One cannot help but notice the 4,000,000+ vote lead of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in that state.  This leads me to believe that perhaps millions of illegals voted in that state's election.  After all in CA the state government provides all the necessary documents necessary to vote such as a driver's license.  And for those items not provided by the state, the voter registrars are required by law to merely accept the word of the voter applicant that they are citizens and have the necessary documentation (even if in a closet in Tijuana), necessary to become a registered state voter.  Is this a foolproof system, or just a means to insure that illegals have no problem at the ballot box.    

California Popular Vote Count
 Trump - 4,483,810         Clinton - 8,753,788


Russia's Diabolical plot: Telling the Truth about Democrats

Just imagine if some newspaper reporter had stumbled across the stories similar to those released by WikiLeaks and dared to go against the gain and publish that information----that reporter would have been awarded a Pulitzer Prize.  Of course, no self-respecting biased progressive journalist would ever, ever expose the corruption within the Democratic Party.  Apparently the truth is evil and should be hidden from the public and only revealed when it exposes the racist reactionaries in the GOP.  But then when such information is unearthed about those dangerous Republicans it must disseminated by any means and plastered on marques coast to coast.  

Few people, if any like the policies of Vladimir Putin.  But putting the release of truthful information reveled by him about Democrats on the same list as his Syrian and Ukrainian  atrocities seems a bridge too far.  However, to paraphrase an old saying, one must not forget that "one man's truth is another man's lie."  Someone once said, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" --- guess we need to add 'truth' to the list.     


Media falls under spell of Maleficent Svengali-like Russian Hackers

Those in the media would have you believe that millions of Americans have been infected with what they see as a malignant alt-right bug.  But the reality is that the media itself has succumb to maleficent manipulative Svengali-like Russian Hackers.  However it could just be they have wrapped themselves in a false flag of international conspiracy and intrigue of state sponsored hacking while the actual source of this spreading virus is domestic---perhaps they need look no farther than their own board rooms at cooperate headquarters.  Patient Zero, the primary carrier, could just be lurking there.


Chinese steal U.S. Navy Underwater Drone in South China Sea

The Chinese are apparently stepping up their challenge to the American Navy in the South China Sea.  Recently they have constructed large man-made islands on reefs in the international waters there and now have gone a step more by stealing a U.S. Navy drone in that same area.  Of course, the Obama administration is condemning this action with a formal flood of what will turn out to be meaningless words.  Meanwhile Chinese leaders in Beijing are shaking in their  高帮 (translated: Shoes), knowing that our silver tongued orator will continue to repeat his shallow threats until such time as he leaves office in January.  As it turns out, this Navy Drone was only mapping the ocean floor while also tracking the movement of Chinese government genetically altered sharks moving into Japanese fishing grounds for the explicate purpose of destroying Japan's commercial fish industry.  A industry that poses a threat to China's booming Tilapia market.


Ritual (Harakiri) Suicide Swords sent to Hollywood Elites by "Make America Great Again" committee

Following the release of the below video, by disgruntle Hollywood elites lead by Martin Sheen,  made for the exclusive purpose of getting Trump electors to change their vote in the Electoral College; a committee of Trump supporters sent a number of ritual (Harakiri) suicide swords to these poor lost souls.  The Trump Committee members simply couldn't bring themselves to watch  the 'weeping and gnashing of teeth', as if these celebrities  had been tossed into the very pits of hell, following the inauguration of Donald J. Trump on January 20, 2017.  So in an act of mercy, not seen since the day Attila the Hun spared Rome, sympathetic committee members dipped into their rainy day fund and purchased the 'ritual swords'. 


Obama is becoming more Transparent as he shrinks, soon he will be damn near invisible

Finally Obama keeps campaign promise 
Of Transparency
At the rate he is shrinking
  He will damn soon, become invisible ! 

Nope that last image is not a fly speck, 
but for all it's importance it might as well be.


OSU Terrorist just another victim of Racism by White Police Officer

Abdul Artan, the Somali born terrorist who recently was shot and killed by a white police office while attempting to run down and stab innocent students on the campus of Ohio State University is now being labeled as just another person of color who fail victim to racist police violence.  Campus activist are depicting the young, black Somali, as just one in a long list of black people who were deprived of their constitutional rights at the end of a racist policeman's gun.  Now did anyone really expect any different reaction from the students on campus.  After all, they view people of color as victims of white oppression and therefore people who are justified to retaliate in any way possible against their racist white tormentors.   


Russian Hackers helped get a General nicknamed "Mad Dog" be Secretary of Defense

Democrats are now claiming that the Russians 
helped Trump win the election 
with their anonymous hacking.  
Wonder what Putin must be thinking about Trump naming
a general nicknamed "Mad Dog" 
as Secretary of Defense.  WTF!


Thousands in danger as Lead Poisoning becomes Airborne in Chicago

Many citizens of Flint, Michigan have fled that city because of the imminent danger of lead poisoning posed by consuming the city's water supply.  However upon arrival in the Windy City they were shocked, shocked to learn that the lead poisoning bug there had mutated and was now airborne.  Apparently now, you can be affected by this often fatal disease, by merely waiting for the metro.  Drinking contaminated fluid is no longer required. Of course,  city officials are down-playing this threat to public health by insisting that regulations on devices spewing these toxic pathogens will be strengthened and that violators will be given a 30 day sentence in the Cook County Jail if they have previous violations on their rap sheet.  Furthermore Mayor Rahm Emanuel has promised to confiscate any such device found in the hands of an undocumented alien and release them with a stern warning.   

Russian Hackers Propelled Trump to Victory. Is this just a Fake News story?

Does it seem strange to anyone than when journalist expose corruption in the government based of information gathered from anonymous sources, they sometime are given the Pulitzer Prize.  While these same journalist decry information exposing governmental corruption gather by international hackers.  One must begin to wonder about the motives of the journalist and not the hackers.  Could it just possibly  be that journalist only expose those stories that advance their own personal agenda and turn a blind eye to the other.  While at the same time see an ominous  threat from stories that run counter to their own personal perception coming from unidentified hackers.  Personally I think the activities of all hackers should be criminalized with severe punishments handed out to the offenders.  But then there is the case where the hacker exposes the murderer who lives down the block---should the murderous individual still be allowed to walk the streets after his dastardly  act is exposed while the hacker is jailed.
Today those in the media as well as most Democrats are pointing an accusing finger at Russian Hackers, but not for exposing the lies and corruption inside the DNC, but instead for daring to expose these acts.  Failing that, the same pundits, these purveyors of misinformation are pointing to Russian hackers as the architects of Hillary's thumping in the election.  After all their anointed darling's personal persona and her support of the Obama agenda could have had nothing to do with her defeat.       


The Russian flag was flying at Hillary Rallies and not Trumps

Following their massive electoral defeat in the 2016, the Democrats are looking for scapegoats to blame for their loss.  It is almost unbelievable that Democrats would point to the Russians as being behind the Trump victory, when it was the Democrats that got not only the endorsement of the CPUSA (Communist Party USA), but virtually are Marxist leaning organizations in this country.  Honestly, I don't recall seeing the red hammer and sickle flag flying in a show of solidarity at Trump rallies.  The same cannot be said for those of Hillary.  The Democrats must really be desperate to advance such a fake news story.  But as usual, they have their "fellow travelers" in the media who will latch onto this lie and advance it as a irrefutable truth, much like the "hands up don't shoot" fable that came from Ferguson earlier.  Actually, I enjoy seeing them twisting in the wind.  For as long as they seek to point the finger at others for their failure, they will never be able to fix the problems that permeate their own party.  If you are one who actually believes that Russian Communist would support a Republican over a Democrat, then as that old saying goes---"there is one born every minute"!        


Obama is a globalist who took an apology tour, Trump in a nationalist who took a 'thank you' America Tour.

Last night I was watching the Trump "thank you tour" in Iowa.  Trump is traveling the nation thanking those who supported him in all the swing states.  Some may remember that when Barack Obama won the election of 2008.  Shortly after he was inaugurated and got the keys to Air Force One, he never even thought about thanking those Americans who voted for him.  Instead he took Air Force One, a massive Boeing 747 on a world wide tour----not a thank you tour like Trump is now having, but what became known as an apology tour. 
A tour where the President of the United States apologized for, what he saw as, past transgressions of the USA.  More than any one single factor, the post election tours of Obama and Trump point out the stark difference between the two leaders.  While one would wrap himself in the blue flag of the United Nations, the other puts America first and wraps himself in the red, white and blue.  In short, Obama is an international globalist while Trump is a patriotic Nationalist who puts America first. 


EPA discovers reason for declining Wild Rabbit population

After an exhaustive study, at a cost of 5 million dollars, to the American taxpayers the EPA has just announced they have found the reason for the shrinking wild rabbit population.  It now appears that global warming has brought about a decrease in tree foliage resulting in fewer leaves on the forest floor.  This extreme environmental  condition has forced both the Grizzly Bear an well as his smaller black bear cousins to resort to a unnatural act following their morning constitutionals.  Bureaucrats at the EPA are looking at two possible solutions to prevent this rabbit holocaust.  They would import massive numbers of leaves from forest areas yet to be effected by man-caused defoliation or else send animal trainers to the remote forest areas armed only with multiple rolls of Charmin and train the bears to perform the unnatural act of wiping their butts.  As of this time no animal trainers have volunteered for this assignment.
Satirical fiction, of course.  But not as strange as the actually regulations coming out of the, all too real, Environmental Protection Agency.  Regulations, that are about to experience sweeping changes under the Trump Administration.  No longer will the minnow-like Delta Smelt be given preference over water rights in California's central valley while farmers see their lands dry-up and blow away.  No longer will a single pair of Spotted Owls  be allowed to destroy the livelihood of hundreds of  lumber-jacks in the great Northwest.  Times are a changing, and the panty waist keyboard tickler's need to suck it up and get use to the new reality.    


Remembering Pearl Harbor

The once millions of those with vivid memories of that Day that will live in infamy, December 7, 1941 numbers are dwindling.  Soon it will fall on all of us to keep alive the memory of that day and of the brave men and women at Pearl Harbor.  Men who were the first to feel the onslaught of the Empire of Japan.  Beginning a life and death struggle in the Pacific that would  come to an end only when mushroom clouds towered over two cities in the Land of the Rising Sun.  So on this solemn day we celebrate the memories of the Greatest Generation by Remembering Pearl Harbor.

Other days in our nation's history, that are days of remembrance and are noted below.


Trump to cancel 4 Billion dollar contract with Boeing for new Air Force One

Donald Trump has just announced that when president he will either cancel or renegotiate the 4 billion dollar agreement with Boeing for two new Air Force One 747-8 aircraft.  Trump claims this cost is vastly over-inflated.
On a somewhat related note an obscure farmer from Randolph County, Missouri has informed reporters that after years of investigation, he had finally determined the source of small brown balls falling from the sky on his rural farm fields.  It seems the farmer, who wishes to remain anonymous, somehow determined that the source of these mysterious irregular shaped golf ball sized objects was none other than the Presidential plane (Air Force One).  After much research it was determined that the Boeing 747-8 was dumping it's 1000 gallon sewage holding tanks on it frequent flights from Andrews Air Force base to the left coast.  It seems the holding tanks were programed to release their bomb load over the same GPS co-ordinates on each trip.  Of course, this is nothing new, as elites like Obama have been crapping on flyover country for decades. 
Once the irate farmer found out the source of the falling turds, he was determined to return the favor.  It seems that farmer "X" as we will call him began to grow some of the most expensive veggies in the world---Kabu Turnips, Daikon Radishes, and Kyoto Red Carrots---using the god-given fertilizer falling from the heavens for his plants.  Plants that were destined for the White House dinner table and designated elitists gourmet restaurants on both the east and west coast.  When asked about the reason for his actions, farmer "X" replied, "we've taken enough crap from those bastards in Washington and I was just returning fire."


Trump will scrap Border Wall in favor of Gator Filled Moat

This is a story long overdue. Dateline El Paso, Texas: ground will soon be broke on a new border security project. This will entail digging a 2000 mile long medieval moat 15 feet deep and 100 feet wide from Brownsville, Texas to San Diego, Ca. The dirt from the massive trench will be trucked to New Orleans and used to raise the hundreds of miles of levees surrounding that city. Additionally, once the trench is filled with water an estimated 200,000 alligators will be relocated from Florida (where they have become a nuisance) to the 2,000 mile long moat. This massive project will not only solve the border problem, but the Florida alligator problem, and the levee problem of New Orleans.  Ground breaking for this massive project will occur shortly after the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.  The ceremony will be attended by former presidents Bill Clinton, H.W. Bush, and G.W. Bush. Former president Barack H. Obama, who is expected to be living in exile in Kenya at the time of the ground breaking ceremony will not be in attendance. 
When asked about his decision to build the moat instead of the wall, President elect Trump replied with a wall those managing to slip across the border would have to be arrested and detained by the Border Patrol.  But with the moat, armed with Florida gators, detentions would be a thing of the past as border agents will be given leaky canoes to provide to those illegals for their return trip south.   


Obama Crying because of losing his Presidential Toys

Their is no joy in ObamaLand during this holiday season.  It's just beginning to sink in to the White House staff and to the President himself that Santa Claus will not stop at the West Wing this year and even worse is demanding a return of all those Presidential toys left in the previous 8 years.  And although Donald Trump has provided a White Christmas for those at the Indiana Carrier plant,  he is the Grinch that stole Christmas to those at the White House.  Reports are, that the soon to be former Commander-in-Chief, has been seen walking the halls virtually in tears late at night.  

Too bad Barack, Trump gets all of these!